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Mar 19
Security Plus Objectives

Security Plus is one of the certifications that pays for itself.   One of the things about the test is that you will use it day in and day out as a System Administrator

Today  day and age Threats and vulnerabilities happens day in and day out.   You can put all the firewalls up to block against it then you have to worry about insider threat.   That is the real threats to systems and architecture.

We consistently hear about these major corporations having account data compromised.   Most of the cases these are cause by someone internal and most likely working with someone outside as well

Threats and vulnerabilities need to be taken with the highest level of precaution.   That’s where security plus comes in handy.   You will learn about all the different kinds of threats and vulnerabilitiesd.    You learn about the scenarios and even though they may seem to be unrealistic.    It is very realistic when you look at what damage they could cause.

Viruses are the number cause for these breakins or hacks.   You need to know the differenty kinds of viruses there are.   Think about when you go to the doctor you learn about a new virus and you never forget it.   The IT world is the same way so know your viruses as it can save your environment.  Other things you need to know is Ransomware, BOTS which I will talk asbout in a few minutes.   

BOTS can cause a lot of damage and if done correctly can grow at a rapid pace.   When you discover a BOT in most cases it is already too late.    Know how to interpret it and know what precautions you should take in your environment. 

Adware is another thing that your users may just think it’s a pop up or something in email but can promote viruses to spread fast just by clicking on one of these things.   It then will attack your computer faster then you can say Apple or Windows.  

Backdoor is another thing to really paying attention to when you are preparing for the exam.   As lots of the questions on the exam have these scenarios in them  

So we have talked about lots of stuff so how can I prepare for this exam the best.    Certmaster is a great resource.   Its definitely worth the price it is.   Take the practice tests over and over again tell you know all the ins and outs of the exam.    When you think you are ready for the test.   Start memorizing and know how the questions are given.   An old saying is practice makes perfect.

Once you pass the exam the certification never expires so stay up to date on your Education credits.    It is vital to keeping it active.   Constantly review the objectives so you can identify threats as fast as possible.   Being able to identify the threats I believe is the way the exam certification will pay off for you.   Its not just something that will pay for itself it will help you keep your environment free of any of these threats.

May 14
SPSVB - Correalation or Bust

SharePoint Saturday VB is just around the corner. This event is very special this time a year. It marks the 10 year anniversary of SharePoint Saturday where these great event all started out. Yes it took off like a rocketship for one reason! Bring together the SharePoint community which was small at the time to a place they could share, connect, collaborate, and just learn about now only the product but in a real world scenerio.


Since that Saturday in Virginia Beach it has gone to over 100 different cities, countries and continents all over the globe. To learn more about SPS Events click on the Link! Learn More about SPS EVENTS


Not all the Speakers are Microsoft speakers as a matter of a fact most of us are not. We are not sponsored by Microsoft in any way we just give our time to Give Back and help others learn more about it. In my opinion that is what have kept this community going. We are real people with real problems that we attempt to fix through Technology and Community.


Hope you guys come out and you can still sign up or show up and we will try to make room for you!


Dont Miss my Session on Troubleshooting SharePoint On Prem and in The Cloud!

Here is a sneak preview so check it out ​

May 14
SPC18 - SharePoint Conference NA

If you havent heard there are alot of SharePoint conferences out but lets talk about the one returning after a hiatus.    The SharePoint Conference has always been one of my favorites for many reasons.   The best reason is for one word, "Community"   You have heard this word over and over again.   This is what makes SharePoint so different from every other product out on the market,    The People who know the ins and outs of SharePoint believe in this more than anything   They give back so much to make sure everyone using SharePoint has the most up to date knowledge and can actually do that.

On a more personal note on this topic I would not be where I am at now in my career if it werent for many of those people.   Very simple thats why I firmly believe in giving back.

​Now back to the Conference.   There are gonna to be alot updates that are going to be announced.

​The sessions are jam packed but you wont want to miss the aspect of the Community!   

If you are there hit me up on twitter at @sptoby1!​

Oct 11

SharePoint Saturday VA Beach is coming back!   Thats right we are coming back where SharePoint Saturday started 10 years ago right here in Hampton Roads.     This special event will be taking place on January 6th and registration is open.   I will post the link at the end of this blog and you can always contact me with any questions please reach out to me or the SPSVB team at

So now lets talk about the event.     We already have a few top notch speakers and sponsors but we are looking for me.   We have two amazing keynote speakers but you will have to come to find out who those all.   

For all information go to the SPS Events Page at​

Jul 25
Security Plus Certification and Exam Prep

Security Plus Certification is one of the hardest certifications to get and understand for many reasons.   The questions and scenerios in the exam are really hard to study for but I have my Top Ten hints and things to master this exam.   In this day and age this certification is vital in the IT Job Market and this is a must have.   Follow these tips and you can pass this exam and be confident prior to taking the exam.

  1.  Performance based Questions:  Performance-based questions require you to complete many  tasks. That are in a drag and drop, configuring an IP Address, and building a Personal Computer are a few examples of the these tasks. According to CompTia: "These questions test your ability to solve problems in a simulated environment." Memorize as many scenerios as you can from testing materials so you can be confident you know them and all the details within them.
  2. During your test make sure that you don't waste time at the beginning on questions you don't know or are unsure about.   Mark them for review and come back to them later on.  For me this helped greatly and saved lots of time. 
  3. Multiple Choice Questions :  Its hard to say how many questions you will get since its randomized and the number varies from exam to exam.  Read through all the answers then read the question.   Try to eliminate the ones you know it cannot be.   If you don't know don't quess just make them for review and come back to them.
  4. Key Words:  Identify Key Words when studying so when you see them on the exam you will know the correct answer.  
  5. Vocabulary and Acronyms:   Be sure you know the meaning of acronyms and other questions that are key words.  Such as RAID, EMI and many more.
  6. Wrong Answers:   Knowing the Wrong Answers is half the battle.   Once you see them you will automatically give yourself a higher chance of knowing the right answers.
  7. Anticipate the Answer :  If you anticipate the answer while reading the questions many times you will know the answer before you are done reading through the question.   Read the answers and question multiple times.
  8. Blank Answers:   Never ever leave a blank answer.  If you don't know the answer try to eliminate the answers.   Then just guess the best answer.  
  9. First Answer:   Don't change your 1st answer because 95 percent of the time that answer is correct.   Don't double guess yourself and trust your knowledge.
  10. Test Voucher:  When you go to pay for the voucher buy the extra exam helper so that you can get a sense on what they are asking.  This one specifically is by comp tia so it can be trusted and some of those questions may be on the test.   I went through them about 1000 times so it was recalled to memory

In order to pass anyt CompTIA exam, you must master the technical information presented in the test. CompTIA classes, books, and videos will help greatly so find as many resources as you can. 

I hope you can pass the exam you are taken and gain the Comp Tia certification as it will not only greater your career but it will also give you more knowledge and the power to pass any exam possible.

For me the best materials were practice exams.

Jun 06
SPSDC - Correlation Or Bust Revamped

Its almost that time of year again summer is almost here.   Technology is changing but somethings always stay the same especially when we are talking about SharePoint.   That one thing is always performance.   As any IT system the most important thing is Performance.    If your system is running at its optimal performance your application is doing what its intended to do.   At SharePoint Saturday DC Summer 2017 I will be giving a presentation on Troubleshooting SharePoint 2013 and 2016 however it also applies to 2010.   The reason I say this is that there are still people running that version.   Some of the things we will be talking about is as follows:

  • Log Levels
  • Tools for Troubleshooting
  • PowerShell Commands
  • Diagnostic Logging
  • Developer Dashboard - Not really a developer tool
  • Warm Up Script for App Pools and Web Applications
  • Monitoring
  • Network Issues
  • and Much Much More.


Here is the slide deck!!!

To sign up go to the following link as some of the best speakers in the country will be discussing SharePoint​, Office 365 and Azure.  You dont want to miss this free training!

May 30
Warm it Up and Not?

So why is it important to warm up all web applications and site collections in SharePoint OnPrem?   Its pretty cut and dry here.   It makes the site faster and helps users do the actions that SharePoint has been built on.   The reason is that this needs to be done is because IIS recycles Application Pools on a nightly basis.    This is a default within the Application Pool itself.    So hear is a simple script to do so that can easily be modified with your Web Application URL and site collection URL

Here is an example of the Powershell script.   All you have to do is tweak it for your environment and set it as a Windows Taks and you just let it work.


# Adds in the Powershell Snapin for SharePoint


if ( (Get-PSSnapin -Name "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue) -eq $null ) {

    Add-PSSnapin "Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell"




# Changes the color to highlight information to tell you its working


function Write-Status([Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WebResponseObject] $response) {

    $foregroundColor = "Red"

    if($response.StatusCode -eq 200) {

        $foregroundColor = "Orange"


    write-host ([string]::Format("{0} (Status code: {1})", $response.StatusDescription, $response.StatusCode)) -ForegroundColor $foregroundColor }




# Warm-up all web applications and pulls all the web applications that are in the farm


Get-SPWebApplication | ForEach-Object {

    write-host ([string]::Format("WebApplication request fired for {0} [{1}]. ", $_.DisplayName, $_.Url)) -NoNewline

    Write-Status -response (Invoke-WebRequest $_.url -UseDefaultCredentials -UseBasicParsing) }




# Since the root of web applications use templates that are custom to the specific site collection it will also load other sites of different # types. This makes sure their assemblies also get loaded in memory


$additionalUrls = @("" ;, "" ;, 

"" ;,                          

""  ;,                                

"" ;,                                

" ;) $additionalUrls | ForEach-Object {

    write-host ([string]::Format("Additional web request fired for Url: {0}. ", $_)) -NoNewline

    Write-Status -response (Invoke-WebRequest $_ -UseDefaultCredentials -UseBasicParsing) }

Mar 31
End of an Era?

So many of us at HPE feel like its an end of an era today and a said journey is coming to an end.   Most of our team came over from a small company called MicroLink in 2015 who specialized in SharePoint Migrations and Implementations.   I joined MicroLink 5 years ago for one specific reason in mind, "To make a difference and show others the Power of Collaboration."  

Since my first day at MicroLink this will be merger/spin-off whatever the Upper Management calls it just another day at the office for us ML People.  This will be my forth merger in five years so you could say we are a subject matter expert.   Our ML team has gotten smaller and smaller every year and I don't expect to change.   Sometimes you need to ride out the wave!

On Monday we become a Pure Play Services Powerhouse called DXC Technology.    The question our customers ask me what does it stand for.    You will find out that at later time but we will become one with CSC so what does the future hold.    That's a question no one ever knows.   Just treat your customers and employees with respect and integrity and I believe everything will work it out.

If you have questions about the cloud, SharePoint or anything in between please don't hesitate to ask.   Now time to wax the surfboards and get ready for that killer wave that is about to start!

Mar 21
SharePoint Troubleshooting --- Correlation or Bust?

​So we have all seen the famous SharePoint error ,"Something went wrong, Correlation id guid."   As we know that information is not helpfully in troubleshooring SharePoint one bit.    In this session we will go over the most common issues seen in SharePoint and how to fix them.    We will also talk about the tools you can utilize in troubleshooting the issue.

Sometimes SharePoiint troubleshooting can take 5 minutes other times it can take hours.   Its one of those things the more you pay attention to the actual error the more time you can save.    We will discuss all this and so much more.



Jan 03
5 Years and Counting – Go With Your Gutt!

So a little over 5 years ago I had a big decision to make in my career. I had multiple offers on the table. A few of them had different things to offer. Some had more money but less benefits. One was a good opportunity but my gut told me it wasn't the place where I needed to be. I knew I needed to make a change in my career because it didn't have much to offer. It was a big company but I didn't see any career focus within the company at all. The management was lacking direction, functionality and more. There were more questions to ask.

Have you ever been in this situation? If you have you know how important it is to make the right choice and go with your gut as scary as that may be. That is the situation that I was in. I didn't know what the future held for me but I knew it was time to make the risk.

On January 3, 2012 I started with a small company in which I worked with on other contracts and knew they had a good reputation in the SharePoint market. On that day I started with a company that had only 75 employees but on the very first day I saw something with a lot of people there. They acted like a family. They believed in one another and challenged each other.

MicroLink LLC was a fantastic company and I learned a lot not only professionally but personally. In the past five years we have gone through 4 different mergers and that has been the hardest part. I have seen some stay and some go. Most of the ones that have gone I am still in contact with to this very day.

Even though we are now HP Enterprises we still work with the same values and purpose just on a larger scale. Don't get me wrong I miss the ML days greatly and the family we had there. We have more opportunities now but as I look back I thought it was a good time to look back as we start a new road. Another merger will be happening to become a powerhouse.

It hasn't been all peachy and happy at all times. Like any other company we have bad days and bad weeks but my decision was a good one. The reason I tell you this is if you are at that point in your career don't overthink it take a risk and you will accomplish great things

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