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Mar 19
Security Plus Objectives

Security Plus is one of the certifications that pays for itself.   One of the things about the test is that you will use it day in and day out as a System Administrator

Today  day and age Threats and vulnerabilities happens day in and day out.   You can put all the firewalls up to block against it then you have to worry about insider threat.   That is the real threats to systems and architecture.

We consistently hear about these major corporations having account data compromised.   Most of the cases these are cause by someone internal and most likely working with someone outside as well

Threats and vulnerabilities need to be taken with the highest level of precaution.   That’s where security plus comes in handy.   You will learn about all the different kinds of threats and vulnerabilitiesd.    You learn about the scenarios and even though they may seem to be unrealistic.    It is very realistic when you look at what damage they could cause.

Viruses are the number cause for these breakins or hacks.   You need to know the differenty kinds of viruses there are.   Think about when you go to the doctor you learn about a new virus and you never forget it.   The IT world is the same way so know your viruses as it can save your environment.  Other things you need to know is Ransomware, BOTS which I will talk asbout in a few minutes.   

BOTS can cause a lot of damage and if done correctly can grow at a rapid pace.   When you discover a BOT in most cases it is already too late.    Know how to interpret it and know what precautions you should take in your environment. 

Adware is another thing that your users may just think it’s a pop up or something in email but can promote viruses to spread fast just by clicking on one of these things.   It then will attack your computer faster then you can say Apple or Windows.  

Backdoor is another thing to really paying attention to when you are preparing for the exam.   As lots of the questions on the exam have these scenarios in them  

So we have talked about lots of stuff so how can I prepare for this exam the best.    Certmaster is a great resource.   Its definitely worth the price it is.   Take the practice tests over and over again tell you know all the ins and outs of the exam.    When you think you are ready for the test.   Start memorizing and know how the questions are given.   An old saying is practice makes perfect.

Once you pass the exam the certification never expires so stay up to date on your Education credits.    It is vital to keeping it active.   Constantly review the objectives so you can identify threats as fast as possible.   Being able to identify the threats I believe is the way the exam certification will pay off for you.   Its not just something that will pay for itself it will help you keep your environment free of any of these threats.


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