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Choosing Your SharePoint Farm Architecture and why it's Vital to a Successfully Deployment

​Choosing Your SharePoint Farm Architecture and why it's Vital to a Successfully Deployment

In today's day and age technology is changing by the minute.   User adoption is all about speed, scalability, and functionality.   Picking the right Architecture for SharePoint is vital to make this happen.  You may be asking yourself about now I thought there was only one type of Architecture for SharePoint.   Prior to SharePoint 2013 that use to be the case.   With the new functionality of Cross Farm Deployments you can now have multiple farms in multiple locations that meet the needs of the system

Choosing an architectural model requires that you have a solid understanding of your organization's business and technical constraints.  A real world example of business constraints would be it has to be located inside country's border.  An example of technical constraints would be each farm sits inside multiple Data centers.

What kind of Farm should I pick is the million dollar question?  In order to answer this fully lets quickly go over the two types of farms

  1. Single Farm Architecture – Single Farm Environments consist of a traditional Three-tier SharePoint model as Microsoft defines it.   The Three-tire model is as follows: 
    1. Web Server Role – Web Front Ends serve the Users requests.  Many Server roles consist of multiple Front Ends for the ability to load balance to enhance performance.
    2. Application Server Role – Application Servers consist of the SharePoint Services itself (e.g. Search, Metadata, User Profile, External Content, and much much more.  The backbone of SharePoint.   Multiple servers provide faster and more reliability as well.
    3. Database Server Role – Database Servers store the content and service the data.   The Database is the backbone of SharePoint.   You can chose clustering and failover to enhance your databases and speed.


  2.  Multiple Farm Architecture – Multiple Farm Environments consist of servicing Farms.   An example of this farm is  Mysites farms, Search Farms, and Content Farms.  In these specific farms they are used for specific needs and instances.                

So how do I pick the Farm Architecture?   In order to do that you need to define the Business requirements.  In order to do this you should ask some of the following questions.

  1. Does One Farm meet all our needs or do we have multiple services that need to be separated?
  2. Organization has Security and Compliance Standards that need to be addressed?
  3. Users in certain regions need to access to certain requirements and other areas do not?
  4. Your organization needs separate environments.   (e.g. Development, Test, Pre-Production, and Production

As you can see Picking the right farm is vital to your organization.   User adoption will be enhanced with picking the correct farm.   Make the right choices for your organization and your clients.   Always remember that Technology and SharePoint is changing so allow your users to have the power of technology.



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