Oct 01
FEDSPUG - October 3 2013

​So its time for my Pre Speaking blog that I try to do prior to my speaking engagements.   One of the newest features of SharePoint 2013 is the App Management Store.    Configuring and Setup is not as easy as just setting up a service application you must use DNS entries as it uses a thing Called "App Redirect"

On Thursday night I will go in detail step by step in how to configure and how I use it on this site.  No my blog site is not using word press or blogspot its SharePoint 2013 and Not Office 365.  HA HA

The government may be shut down so this is your chance to catch up with some of the new and exciting technologies that the newest version of SharePoint has to offer.

If you are in the DC Metro Area you will not want to miss this event and if your not I believe they stream the event live.

Check them out at

The Powerpoint is attached so if you want to take a look enjoy.  It is subject to change prior to the event though.

Download the Powerpoint here



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There are no comments for this post.

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